Annual Report For the year ended
31 December 2015

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This report is a summary of the key results and outcomes for the year for IABC Wellington.

President’s Report:
Delivering member value through international connections

It was great to see so many senior Wellington communicators at our opening event of the year. I’d like to think the interest was all in our AGM but that would be to deny the obvious attraction of hearing from Assignment Chief Executive, and Chair of the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency, Peter Biggs.

This is the second year in a row that we have enjoyed a sell-out crowd for our opening event after Z Energy Chief Executive Mike Bennetts wowed the crowd at the start of 2015. He had every communicator in the room wishing they could join Z’s communications team and it may be no coincidence that one of our Wellington board members recently did just that.

IABC Wellington is now firmly established in the city. In the past year we have expanded our partnerships and sponsorships, extended our links with IABC North NZ and South Island Chapters, grown our regional connections, particularly with the Australian chapters, and have invested significantly in improving the connections we have with IABC International.

The wider IABC community is also in good heart and there have been some exciting developments in the past year. In 2015 we made a significant investment of time and resource in rolling out the new international brand, giving us a fresh new look and strengthening our brand presence in Wellington.

We now have an unparalleled ability to connect senior communicators with global networks, speakers, resources and opportunities throughout the Asia Pacific region, and internationally.

It’s a great privilege to hand over to incoming President John Tulloch and the 2016 IABC Wellington board at a time when we are in such a strong position. For our strength and good heart, I must give thanks to colleagues and friends who share my passion for professional development, and dedication to IABC.

Thank you to our past board members and, in particular, our past presidents. A special mention to our longest serving member Ann Kennedy-Perkins, and to our newest members. We are grateful for a strong ongoing support network.

All my appreciation goes to my 2015 board colleagues for their enthusiasm and commitment and for their unfailing good humour.

I must acknowledge five board members in particular, who departed from the board at the end of 2015. Spiro Anastasiou of SenateSHJ; Mary Macpherson, who did an award-winning job as Membership Director this last year; Sam Halstead, representing Ideas Shop; Sam Prescott of SenateSHJ, and Libby Clifford from DPMC. Thank you for your considerable contributions. I want to also mention former board member Hanna Kilpin, who left us during the year; and of course the incomparable Victoria Dew, who leaves her board role after five years of dedicated service.

Thank you also to all our members for your support for IABC Wellington in 2015. It’s been a pleasure to lead the chapter.

We regularly have board opportunities arising. Watch for an EOI when we are looking for nominations next.

In the meantime, we hope to see you at an event soon. Feel free to introduce yourself to one of our board members personally or email us at if you have ideas or questions for us. We’re always up for coffee.

Jennifer Andrewes,
IABC Wellington President 2015
on behalf of the board of IABC Wellington

2015 Highlights

Introduction of Wellington brand guidelines and assets and their application across channels and collateral.

EOI exercise with promotion to members of the opportunity to join the board mid-term.

Hosting London-based IABC Global Chair Michael Ambjorn for a three-day visit programme.

Connecting with UK chapter colleagues via video conference for insights into working in UK and Europe, at a new breakfast event.

Winning an Award of Merit in IABC Global Chapter Management Awards for our work to retain and recruit members in 2015.

Establishment of board portfolio roles, descriptions and accountabilities.

Development of a package of diversified cash and in-kind sponsorship opportunities.

Arranging a full-day digital strategy workshop with Sydney-based Richard Spencer of ISentia TwoSocial.

Hosting Sydney-based IABC Gold Quills Chair Monika Lancucki for 1-1 awards workshops and an evening seminar.